What do I do if I can’t get a customer to say yes?

Ask them why they are saying, "No." One way to find out if a customer is simply not sold and needs more information is to ask them if they mean “no, not now…or no, not ever?” Many times a customer who is unable to commit to a purchase is simply in need of more information. Have you found out what the customer needs? Or are you trying to sell something you like? If you have followed the TrainerTainment #1 Rule of Selling, “Find out what the customer wants and sell them that,” you will be in the best position for getting a yes! Try some trial closing questions during the sales process like, Mr. Customer, how does a group event here at XYZ Fun Center sound to you? Find out what part of the offer turns the customer on.

What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

Marketing is the research and the money that is spent in order to provide the tools that can facilitate the sale. Advertising, billboards, flyers, brochures, direct mail, etc. are the marketing pieces that attract the attention of the consumer. Sales can happen indirectly as a result of marketing. For example, we have all responded to a coupon in the mail to buy a dinner out and receive another for free. However, direct sales generate more profit in the long run. A direct sales experience happens when a seller verbally engages with a buyer. The likelihood of purchase is increased with this type of interaction. An ad or a coupon may bring a customer to your center. Keeping the customer is the goal. Great customer service is a wonderful tool for selling. There is no substitute for positive interaction between a customer and a team member. This positive interaction is sales. Inviting a potential customer to buy your product is the sales and marketing plan that every location needs. There are many ways to provide that invitation. Marketing is the “massive” effort while selling is the one-to-one process that will increase your revenue exponentially.

How do I keep a good attitude when everyone is telling me, "No"?

It is important to ignore the no. It has been said that, the more no’s you get the closer you are getting to a yes. I’ve always hated that saying because I hate no. I am a certified “no hater.” So, with that attitude, I try to sell things that I believe people will buy. I am always surprised if they don’t buy. I try to learn why they are saying, "No." It helps to always ask why.

Maybe you are selling something that no one really wants. Maybe you are impressed with a feature that is not impressive to others. Remember to ask, “do you mean no not now, or do you mean no not ever?”

Take a no as a learning opportunity. Any time someone tells you no, there is something to learn about how to sell your product better. You may say, “Mr. Customer, I’m so glad you said no…everyone has been buying my product all day long, and I know I can’t be that good. Please tell me why you are passing on this great opportunity today?” More important than understanding why people say no is to find out why those you have sold to have said, "Yes."

Attitude is everything. And your attitude can stay high if you focus on why people say yes, and understand how to improve your presentation when people say no. If you have the commitment to yourself, your customer, and your company, that you are genuinely doing something FOR someone and not TO them, then it is easy to keep your attitude high. Someone said once, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” May you fly high all of the time!

How do I get to the decision maker when the gatekeeper won’t let me in the front door?

This one can be tricky. Most of the time, there are several people who influence the buying decision. The gatekeeper, who may be the administrative assistant, or the receptionist, is one of those people who ultimately affects whether or not your product is purchased. Make friends with the front line. Take pens, notepads, anything that is memorable. Be nice to the front line. Whether you are on the phone or in person, the front line individual is the ultimate gatekeeper who will allow you to enter the door of the ultimate decision maker.

Ask questions about the best time to connect with the decision maker.

Send an e-mail directly to the person you are trying to reach.

Give something to the receptionist, like a free pass, a pen, a logo’d piece of merchandise…Bribery isn’t always a bad thing.

Let the gatekeeper know that you intend to persist until you reach the decision maker. Be honest and let them know that what you have to offer is irresistible; and that you won’t stop until you get to the decision maker.

Decide that this customer is worth the time you will need to spend to get around the gatekeeper. Sometimes it is best to decide it is their loss. Your time is important too.

What is your refund/return policy?

Refund / Return Policy
Products purchased that are downloadable are NOT refundable. Products purchased that are not downloadable (CD, DVD, Diskette, or Hard Printed Versions) may be returned for a full credit, minus shipping and handling charges. However, before any product may be returned, the customer must contact us and we will provide you with a “Return Authorization Form” and instructions on how to ship the product back. To obtain a refund, you must notify Trainertainment, LLC within 30-days of your original purchase date that you desire a refund for the product purchased. The “Return Authorization Form” provided to you must be returned Trainertainment, LLC. by regular mail only (no e-mail), within 10-days, in order to obtain a refund.