TrainerTainment is a training company that services the Family Entertainment and other hospitality–driven markets who want to improve their sales teams, products, and guest service ability. Our company focuses on sales training in order to enhance promotions, events, birthday party programs, team building, and all other corporate and group outings. Developing people and teaching businesses how to create a thriving sales culture through great customer service are our primary goals. We deliver training and support through online materials, books, DVDs, on-site training, eLearning, social media, sales shopping and sales coaching.

We believe our company can expand your business by implementing great sales programs as we train the front line! Currently, we serve the Family Entertainment Center marketplace which includes bowling centers, water parks, mini-golf, go-karts, skating rinks, lazer tag facilities and more. Our success is based on the fact that we can move quickly, we customize programs to suit individual companies, and our methods are proven and taught with passion and fun so that the results are serious and have “stickiness”!

If you want your business to make more money and have fun doing it, TrainerTainment is your answer! We have worked at facilities all over the United States, and, in 2009, took an international leap and trained at the DEAL Trade show in Dubai for three years. We’ve had the opportunity to be involved in education, key note presentations, and other training at more than 100 local, state, regional, national, and international trades shows and events.

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